Before the Storm…

It’s an overcast, warm, humid, damp, July Saturday in Liverpool. I am sat here waiting for an Amazon delivery whilst listening to the dog next door bark in protest at his owners leaving. He has no sense of time, to him they left days ago and they will not be back until next week. In reality, they nipped round to her mother’s with the baby. I don’t think I could live in a dogs head. I couldn’t handle the constant neurons firing each time he sees a stick.

BBC weather has forecast storms all day following the sultry heat of the last week. I am a completely unabashed Pluviophile. I adore the rain. Good job I live where I do. 

The impending delivery contains a spiraliser. I have a recipe for courgette pasta with minted pea pesto to try… in the mean time I sit here drinking Earl Grey tea until my bladder bursts. Hurry up delivery person, I need a pee…


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